Don’t play on chance – play the odds!

It’s commonly mistaken that poker is a game of chance, but that is only true in some cases. Sure, there are several factors that we can’t control, and sometimes bad luck will just happen and we will lose a pot even though we played it in the best way possible. But then again, poker is not about winning every single pot that you participate in, it’s about winning as much as possible in the pots that you do win, and minimizing your losses as much as possible when you’re losing a hand.

So, a beginner who doesn’t know much about poker in general obviously has to rely more on luck than an experienced player has to. In these cases, you might agree that poker is indeed a game of chance. But then again, a player relying solely on chance will also always be more likely to lose against someone who knows what he’s doing.  The reason for this is simple, the experienced player is stacking the odds in his favor, so that even though he might lose in the beginning or a times, he will always be winning in the long run. And in poker, it’s all about long term thinking. If you want to become a successful poker player, you can’t have crazy highs and lows in your success. You need to keep your winnings stable in order to be able to live off your poker playing. You can read much more about sustainable profitability in poker on sites like and, which are two poker centrals focused on teaching beginners how to play poker.

As long as you keep the odds in your favor, you will succeed over time. Don’t supervise your results for short periods, but rather do it over months of time. Everyone will have occasional losing streaks, it’s just the way it works in poker. But if you play the odds correctly, you will make long term profit. Think of it as a casino game. In a casino game the odds are always programmed to be in the casinos favor, and that is how they make their money. Some players may win big at times, but in the long run, the casinos stay wildly profitable. It’s all about the odds, so make sure to learn them properly!

Two websites that have some really useful information and articles about pot odds in poker is pokerZ and Visit them and make sure to read through the information available on the websites. It was hugely helpful for me when I was first starting out learning about odds, and when you have the foundation, everything else comes so much easier.